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Process Services

Chemical Cleaning

Experience combined with modern equipment and the right chemistry to remove fouling, contamination and deposits thus protecting the system from corrosion.

We have sound working knowledge and experience on HRSG systems, coolers, furnaces, pipelines, vessels, heat exchangers, district cooling networks, etc.

• Acid Pickling & Passivation (CS)
• Stainless Steel (SS) piping surface treatment
• Chemical Treatment & a Passivation of District Cooling Networks


Steam Blowing

During Fabrication of piping is under progress during hot working days, an oxide layer is formed on the inside surface of pipes. This layer is known as mill scale and this must be removed from the system before start-up of the system for service.

Cleaning by steam blowing is carried out essentially for steam piping networks on HRSG’s due to the problem of condensation of steam or draining of condensate.

During the start-up of any plant, there is a possibility of the particles left in the piping from the construction phase could travel downstream damaging instrumentation and other critical components of the system.


Our teams of experts are continuously prepared to provide the most optimal and budget-friendly solution that aligns seamlessly with your essential needs.