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Flushing & Media Filtration

District Cooling Networks

The purpose of establishing high volume/velocity circulation is to reduce the risk of damaging the permanent system namely the pumps, chillers, condensers and instrumentation associated which would result in reduced lifetime and huge maintenance costs if not attended prior to commissioning.

• Chemical Cleaning
• Flushing
• Passivation with Corrosion Inhibitor
• Preservation with Biocide


Lube / Hydraulic Oil Systems

Oil Flushing is the circulation of lube oil at high velocities (turbulent flow). This high-velocity flow causes the fluid to become a washing medium due to the molecular implosion, thus removing adhered contaminants from the subject equipment namely compressors, lube-oil systems.

Oil Flushing are part of pre-commissioning and maintenance post commissioning activities in compliance with NAS and ISO 4406 standards.

• Gas and Steam Turbine Systems
• Lube Oil Systems
• Hydraulic Oil Systems


Aviation Fuel Pipeline - Hydrant Networks

Primary purpose is to mitigate the threats to aviation fuel quality (JET A1 – Kerosene Type Fuels) to ensure the safe delivery of fuel into aircraft fuel tanks (into-plane). The various controls and procedures reflect a philosophy of product testing, traceability and segregation to prevent contamination and to ensure that the fuel is on-specification at point of delivery to aircraft.

• Pneumatic Testing
• Soak Testing
• Pressure Test with Fuel
• Flushing

JIG Standards in Compliance (Joint Inspection Group) JIG1, JIG2 & JIG3


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