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Nitrogen Services

Purging & Preservation

Upon completion of pre-commissioning services, the pipeline/piping systems are often left inert.

Depending on the time between pre-commissioning and commissioning for start-up, the pipeline can be purged with 99.9% Nitrogen for preservation which will occasionally be necessary to protect the system from corrosion or degradation for a period of time. As nitrogen is an inert gas, it is ideally suited for this type of operation.

• Nitrogen Purging
• Nitrogen Pigging
• Nitrogen Drying
• Nitrogen Mothballing

Nitrogen Preservation
Nitrogen Preservation

Sensitive Leak Testing

Nitrogen-helium leak detection has long been accepted as the most accurate and applicable way to test hydrocarbon-process pipework for mechanical integrity.

The service is conducted using a mixture of nitrogen and helium gases, which are injected into your process system, thus raising it to the actual operating pressure seen during normal operations.

Leaks can be examined under the most realistic testing conditions possible before start-up.

Sensitive Leak Testing

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